Academic Work

Life-style or Marriage Migrants? Western Women and Positioning Privilege in Asia

What started as a paper in my Sociology of East Asia class ended up developing into an upcoming chapter for an edited volume on privileged migrants in Asia by Diotima Chattoraj. Currently, the chapter is still under work. The research done for the chapter will be presented at the UMW Sociology Symposium and possibly elsewhere in the future.

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Summer Institute

During the Summer of 2023, I was a part of the University of Mary Washington’s Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Summer Institute (AHSSI). More specifically, I served on the Creating Compost and Community: Developing an Urban Food Waste Recovery Project. The report my fellow student and I wrote can be found on the Bragg Hill Community Garden Website.

Quantitative Research Methods for Sociology

For a semester I served as the lab aide for the Quantitative Research Methods for Sociology class. As an aide, I assisted students with Stata during lab hours and had my own office hours where I could help with writing, statistics, and Stata.


Intern at the U.S. Office of personal management (opm), office of workforce policy and innovation

In the Summer of 2024, I worked in the U.S. Office of Personal Management (OPM) inside the Office of Workforce Policy and Innovation.

Rappahannock Group Sierra Club intern

Starting in January of 2023, I am currently an intern for the Rappahannock Chapter of the Sierra Club. During my internship, I did research for the club, attended meetings and reported back, created a new format for their newsletter, edited their websites through the use of Drupul and WordPress, and managed their Instagram account.